Suffering produces poetry

Unrequited love:
A whole recipe for pain,
A powerful muse

I thought I would share the poetry of Jerry with my readers, there are several that I think will enjoy his expressions. He is on my links to other poets, and I look forward to see how his style progresses… with luck under a tutelage of a more pleasant muse. It is a new blog, with only a handful of posts, but it is one I expect to keep reading.


3 comments on “Suffering produces poetry

  1. jerrytheblogger says:

    I accept & acknowledge your kind thoughts on my trifle work, with sincere thankfulness. Its an Honor.

    To All,
    I welcome all you gentlemen’s/ladies’/friends’ comments and guidance; as I am quite young. I am looking for a Mentor, who could help and guide me on writing skills, it may be anything – Poetry Or Essay etc.
    I would like to present my compliments/suggestions on your work as well. Just post me your link…


    • The honor is mine :-) I enjoyed reading your blog. If I gave any advice, it would be… keep writing about what you feel deeply, but find something that makes you happy to write about too. I know that the pleasures of life often seem less interesting than the pains of life — but overlooking them gives an imperfect picture.

      Use whichever muse come to you — but, seek a happy muse :-).

  2. jerrytheblogger says:

    Please find time to read a couple of new ones…

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