Memorial day

Are the dead ever forgotten?
Every day we quote them
Their words fill the shelves
People spend a lifetime remembering

Seems the graves are always decorated
A monument of stone to the past
Perpetual care making a parklike space
But is this where the dead will sleep?

Books, monuments, trees, family
Memory goes on for generations
Name lists survive and become longer
Even character traits seem inherited

The day comes for special memory
An attempt to do more than nature forces
A day to visit the graves
Leaving flowers upon the monument

The mind wonders if any more can be done
The hands have worked out memories
Memories have filled dreams
Memories have been written

A day comes, made sacred for remembering
So, we remember


One comment on “Memorial day

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    One of the most repeated commands in the Old Testament is ‘do this to remember’, or ‘teach your children so they might not forget’. It seems that we are very aware of the fragility of memory.

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