Does utopia mean nowhere?
Or does it mean “Good place”
One diphthong makes a wold of difference
Perhaps the good place can be discovered

Maybe the good place is in the mind
Imagined by those who imagine a world without problems
Naming a problem and removing it
So much propaganda

Can heaven be brought to earth through politics?
Many have tried through the years
Ideals have been tested and found wanting
Those who would enforce heaven discovered hell

Could this be because God’s kingdom is not of the world?
Could all the fighting for eutopia be in vain?
One cannot believe that the kingdom of heaven is outopia
Is it impossible for heaven to touch earth?

No, it must be possible,
Ears heard the angels singing
The eyes have seen Gods love in action
Christ is found everywhere

Heaven has already come to earth,
Existing next to the gates of hell


5 comments on “Utopia

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    The problems with Utopias is that it is impossible to properly account for sin, selfishness or whatever you call the bad side of humanity. The fact that we can’t properly define it means we can’t properly defend against it.

    • another problem is — it is a Greek word turned Latin (topia is a place, like on a map…) we assume the fist part is ‘ou’ (not), but we use the word as if it is ‘eu’ (for GOOD).

  2. LAR_Northman says:

    Hmmm, clever. I suppose a god’s place would have a God to enforce the rules.

  3. arielle81 says:

    Hello Michael,

    Ooo, I like the last line. I think a sort of heaven is here.
    He made us and everything else. We live amongst and in Divine creation. Pretty sweet. This Earth was meant to be a utopia. But, then , as you know, the devil, evil, fruit, Adam, Eve, the forbidden… sadly,it stained us. We take this event with us through out our utopia, through out time. Some people do not care to seek redemption and they abuse our utopia, our gift,us. That is why we do not live idealic lives. He provided an abubdance of everything we would ever need, it’s all here.

    Note: If I were to name a point where ,in my little fantasy land, utopia would be I’m naming somewhere between Hawaii and Tahiti. :)

  4. jerrytheblogger says:

    Its fun to read the whole thought-process behind the words.. I would say, this piece of work has a lot of experience within..
    Bravo ! Keep up the good work.


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