Memory, regret, and guilt

Is it better to remember or forget?
What good is forgiveness to a person dead in guilt?
Yesterday can break the spirit
Tomorrow can be destroyed by the past

There is so much talk of forgiveness and freedom
A new identity, the past forgiven
Yet the reputation is not corrected
A person still caries all the pain inside

A man may truly change
Perhaps all the evil has been cured
The heart remains broken
Conquering shame is more difficult than starting fresh

A new name does not remove the older stained name
People judge and condemn when God forgets
Would there be a way to cleanse the memory?
Should it be one person, or society?

Reading, a man finds so many questions
Perhaps a clever critique to the nature of faith
What good is God’s forgiveness if man cannot accept it?
A clean heart would be soiled by a dirty mind

So many hearts have broken from regret
It has become a matter of life or death.

One thing that attracted me to old Science fiction is that the authors always questioned the limits of Science to solve the problems of mankind. Often, people are put in a world where a major problem no longer exists. I read a story that hinted about curing guilt by removing memories — now, personally I doubt the wisdom of this as… the story will explain to any who read it. Likely this book by Bellamy was a critique of 19th century Christianity, questioning what good it was to replace a black mark with a red one… when life forgot nothing. In my experience faith needs such questions. Perhaps the early Christians had it right when they went so far as to take new names — Now, we forget who we are, and judge each other and ourselves badly.


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