Still reading Scifi!

Strange to see the sense of humor
Sometimes more a joke than a story
They say it hinges on something outside our current reality
Speculate a scene, and populate it

The mouth smiles seeing the old magazine stories
Naughty pleasures from from my father’s childhood
Remembering that he sometimes could indulge there
Remembering that he found moments to indulge as an adult

There is always busyness during the week
There is always needs to be moments to take a rest
Plans come for next weekend
Preparation tasks fill the week

Morning comes, then evening
There are times when rest is necessary.
Smiling about the past comes as a reward
Life may not be simple, but it can be abstracted

This reading can take months
Longer if it is a joy and not a task
Plant corn, read a story
Work with lumber, read a story

Today, the future seems full of simple joys
Tomorrow’s tasks are viewed with anticipation


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