reading for fun

Some days are a return to childhood
Old hobbies explored until they become new again
Old books read… this time new to the reader
In twenty years time the mind has changed

Humanity it seems never changes
Ancient man and modern man has the same passions
No matter the luxuries, a hungry man knows what is urgent
The only change from then and now is the increase of wealth

So much speculation about the future
There is so much talk about the brave new world
In the new world, humans still Cray human flaws
Even our best intentions still come into question

So many stories telling the best and worst of humanity
Pictures painted in so many different places
Every scene carrying the very same message
A man remains a man, no matter the technology

Is old and new media so very different?
Is the old world and new so very different?
Reading, watching, listening… so very alike
Humanity is a world of storytellers

Humanity is ready to show and prove ideas
Stories to show the passion behind truth
Abstract philosophies that reduce ideas to equations
A short proof to add logic to passion

The eyes continue to read the novel
Yet another talking about interstellar slavers
The feelings of human rights and responsibility
There is a fight between justice and greed

Justice and sin
Good and bad Karma
The good of the community or of the individual?
The same themes occur again and again

Fiction and non fiction become the same
Our stories reach out to find Truth

I was reading old scifi for fun last weekend. It was one of my naughty pleasures as a teenager, though since my university days, I almost forgot the joy of reading light things for fun. I find that I read the Genre somewhat differently now than I did all those years ago, but in another sense, I loved hard philosophy even back then.

For those who want to know, I read The Lani People by Jesse Bone, and Omnilingual by H. Beam Piper.

The Lani people is about slavery and how naiveté can bring good people to continue unjust practices. When a person learns the injustice of the situation, it compares greed to a desire to make things right. Bone is no Asimov, but it was a light read and easy to follow…. or, shall I say, exactly what I wanted at the moment.

In Omnilingual, we learn that a systematic logical system (such as a table) is… a table in any language. Identify which table it is, you have an omnilingual… (If only we could find a Mayan university library, full of charts and tables.) It was a fun read, but hardly groundbreaking.


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