Translation of Ephesians

My love for Ephesians came when I was busy translating it from Greek into English. My methods were somewhat different than what is normally published, as I made no attempt to preserve verse structure or order and instead preferred to break it into units of sentences. I also preferred what some call ‘oldest and best’ texts (I have not made up my mind on textural criticism). In this translation, I did my best to make the subjective mood obvious (often translations are made for people who know something of classical languages, and thus they read a special translation English — classical languages are no longer a part of childhood, thus that form of translation is obsolete… the ‘If — then’ clause in English is the most obviously subjective… so, even if it were necessary to re-order the sentence, I forced the subjective into that form. In the future, I will likely use a more traditional, and less labor intensive method.

The translation is in PDF form here.


One comment on “Translation of Ephesians

  1. arielle81 says:

    Hello Michael,

    You really translated the entire book of Ephesians?!
    That’s really great.
    I studied Greek when I was a little girl; however, I couldn’t translate a paragraph much less an entire book.
    Very impressive. :)

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