Sermon Preparation

Life seems filled with busyness
The rain has delayed gardening
Work Quotas fill the days
Even with this, the duties of life continue

The garden is late and muddy
Weeds grow faster than food
The hoe and the hands work together
Bringing hope for the summer

Slowly the house is coming to order
Item by item an order and purpose is forming
The body maybe tired, the process slow
Still, life is beginning, it is not on hold

There is so much need for reading these days
Deadlines cannot be changed
Sometimes failures are allowable
We choose which deadlines to meet

Time is needed for study
The choice still has to be made!
How does one give a single sermon?
The eyes move to the epistle called Ephesians

Seems Paul’s saints are ordinary people
Ordinary people with ordinary problems
People who often have no honor in life
People who sometimes need a scolding for childishness

They call the day mother’s day
Would it be a good day to speak to ordinary people
Should I address mothers with common folk?
Should mothers know that God makes saints out of rough material?

Perhaps a mother has sons who are saint material!
A soul that God can bring to perfection
Perhaps the foolishness of the saint Juniper,
Perhaps the abrasiveness of Francis of Assisi

Perhaps she herself is saint material
Whether a servant, a wife, a mother.
Churches are made up of those who need salvation
If someone is already perfect, religion is useless

Perhaps we will see the example of Eunice
A faithful mother to the Godly Timothy
Timothy, a young elder in Ephesus
Teaching just as he learned from his mother and Paul

The mind continues to dwell on mothers and saints
Deadlines, forms, rules and constructions
A day is coming to speak Truth
The day has arrived to seek it


2 comments on “Sermon Preparation

  1. Carolina Maine says:

    I love this poem so much!!!!! I enjoy how you are thinking about saints among ordinary life duties. I also like that you can read Greek. I haven’t learned it yet:)

    • You know more Greek than you think you do :-). If you want to learn these sorts of things, I suggest that you visit a shop called ‘Eighth day Books’ — it is my favorite bookstore in Kansas. The owner is Antiochian Orthodox, and they also use the space for classes in classical languages, and literature.

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