Tired body

Amazing how much effort goes in to holding the hoe
A few dozen tomatoes are in the ground
Four score onions waiting to be eaten
Peppers are planted and waiting

Every bit of compost has been used
The morning was spent
Ground too wet for machines
A simple hoe and shovel was all the weather would allow

Viewing the trees, seeing that grass is growing up
A hoe clears the space for the tree
Viewing the peas, cabbage and potatoes
Touch the earth with a hoe again

The day was spent,
The day was most productive
Cherries are starting!
The saplings are becoming productive

Making a to do list would fill a whole morning
Nature always creates more work
The hands touch the soil
These hands will coax food from the earth

The body is tired from a day in the garden
When the stomach is full, it will all be worthwhile


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