Cold rain

The news speaks of the weather again
The hour is late, yet I find myself at home
School is delayed due to the storm
Rural roads are full of mud

The body is not capable of more sleep
The truth is, the body feels ill
There is time to do one more task before work
A few words, written in hope that someone will hear

Time continues to pass,
The heart knows everything is temporary
New arrangements must be made
Without stability, it is hard to invest in a home

Reading words written by a stranger
“Chase your dreams”
Hoping that jotting down these words brings the dreams
The heart wonders what is to come in the summer

Words have become both a dream and a duty
There are a few words that need spoken
The choice of words is always difficult these days
Like Jonah, I have become afraid

How can a man who doubts speak words of faith?
How can I encourage, when I feel weak?
What advice can a failure give?
Sometimes chasing dreams feels like chasing the wind!

Most of all, there is the question of the news
The world seems afraid
The words on the radio are all words of death
How do I teach goodness in a world of evil?

These days, the eyes have been tired
There are so many duties to complete
Land, employment, and worship!
Is there a way to meet each of them?

Time must be found for everything
Energy must be discovered
Ambition must overcome fear
The sloth of futility must be overcome

Prayers drift up to heaven
Sometimes faith is continuing to fight
All saints remembered were doubters
The biggest struggle is that of the heart

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