April Nights

April has the strangest nights
Watching winter turn to summer
The first are as cold as loneliness
The last are as hot as tears

The grass begins to grow again
The time has come to plant the whole garden
Suddenly the depth of loneliness is clear
Working, and coming home to nothing but more work

The work of life continues
There is no longer anyone to share the garden with
Does no one else eat fresh fruit and vegetables?
Are there no more conversations while pulling weeds?

Sometimes it seems the mind is falling asleep
There is no longer a reason to read and study
Duty continues because it is duty
Is it possible to continue alone?

Today it is a struggle to choose words
The mind fears that there is no one who can hear them
Loneliness is overwhelming
Tears fall as I wonder how to face the silence

April is between winter and summer
As cold as loneliness and as hot as tears


One comment on “April Nights

  1. arielle81 says:


    Very interesting. May is right around the corner I hope you find more joy and friendship with the warmer days. :)

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