nap time

The heat of the day is almost unbearable
Amazing how winter changes to summer
Those comfortable days of spring are a myth
Spring is when a day could be winter or summer

Today, Summer is stronger than the remaining winter
The body tired from the change of weather
Tired from walking in the heat and the sun
Tired from the long and early days

The weeks duties are finished
Time can be given to the acts of living
Life happens as it comes
The tasks of life can be interrupted

Today the first task is napping
Letting the legs turn from jelly to something solid
Letting the sunburn begin to heal
Letting the body and mind regain strength

The next task is thinking
Taking time to read and to write
Spending time questioning the conditions of the world
Amazing how musing can lead to more napping!

Today is a day to recover from the weeks task —
Enjoy that the weeks work was finished in the morning
Tomorrow has some of the tasks of living
Tomorrow: Work in the garden


One comment on “nap time

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    Yeah, it is annoying how we don’t get much in the way of spring around here.

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