Still attempting to repair the pump

The hands dirty from the job
It seems like there is nothing left to do
The first attempt ended in failure
Nothing more can happen without shopping

Dirty hands, no water to wash with
Life sometimes seems made of circular dependencies
A shower is required to go out when so dirty
Without going out the shower will never happen

Hands stained the color of rust
Sweat collecting in clothing
Dirt will collect if no solution is found
Another attempt must be made

Seeing prices, worrying about the cost
Knowing that failure is not an option
The hands touch the tools
Ready to explore the insides of the machine

God willing, the result will be positive
With luck, the work will end with a hot shower

The work did end with a hot shower — I am not fully satisfied with the quality of my work, but I am no longer suffering the lack of water.

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One comment on “Still attempting to repair the pump

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    The trickery required to get around them is quite frustrating.
    Also, glad to hear you have hot water again.

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