Sometimes it seems strange to look at stones
Seeing a name, a birthdate, but the last date missing
A stone carved but not completed
Wondering what will be on the tombstone

One wonders what will be carved in the marble
A date for certain, but will there be final words?
Perhaps life can be compressed into a small essence
Yet, life must be lived before it can be remembered

The heart asks, what is life that it should be remembered?
Would the memory change if life were extended?
Will words spoken and written survive the writer?
Is the epitaph all that will remain in the future?

The heart wants the words to be carved in flesh
Searing the hearts of loved ones forever
The cold stone can remain blank
Let love burn, let the voice remain giving wisdom

The stone can be left blank
Let paper hold words that are felt and understood
Let the mind remember words spoken
Echoing forever without the tombstone

Let my epitaph be something written in in love
Read only by those who have it on their heart
Expressed so that outsiders can find a simple expression:

Inspired by blahblahblahger


One comment on “Tombstone

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