Idealism and real life

Sometimes a man feels rather petty
Philosophical distinctions ruling passion
True there can be a nice heated argument,
Yet sometimes there is something more important

The mind goes to that more important
Life is finite, and we all watch as people mourn
Yet we are left to ask if this is more important?
The hospitals are always full

Death visits the world in every moment
No amount of prayer keeps away death forever
Faith or science it is all futile
Death is man’s God-given destiny

Illness and suffering, true it moderates the argument
Sorrow for the loss overshadows the passion of writing
Today there are tears and anticipation
Fear that a vigil will turn into a wake

The spirit prays… selfishly asking that the world is changed
Health forever, without any more death
Friend and family staying with us
We want to live the hellos without the goodbyes

The heart wonders if the time for argument might be finished
Sometimes the heart wonders how many goodbyes a man can survive
The more friends the more goodbyes
The more friend, the more comfort when the goodbye comes

Still, life must be more than attending funerals
Lord, may we wait before saying goodbye again?


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