The world a stage

A world of actors
Each playing an assigned role
May I play myself?

Recently I’ve been thinking about society, and how some roles and labels become so big and important that whenever the people interact with another, the role and not the person is interacting. The boss, the president, the preacher, and others cannot take off that hat at any time — they are seen as their role whenever in public.

Living ‘up to the dignity’ of your station seems such a difficult role to play. Any time you make yourself vulnerable to another human being, you make not only yourself and your feelings vulnerable (a huge risk), but also your institution, and your role. We have built a society where some people are expected to be more than human… what a lonely society that is.

A note to all who are not leaders: We also have the roles of nationalities and job titles. We have the honor of our own family names to protect. We all have reasons to attempt to be better than we really are. I suppose intimacy always requires vulnerability — otherwise, we are actors, and the world is a stage.


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