Death crosses over to life
One is natural, the other corruption
To touch the divine is to touch perfection
The divine brings life where there once was death

The grave is now empty
The sisters no longer crying
Jesus did weep, but then he commanded
In a moment, the dead woke and struggled out

One wonders about the place between hades and life
Lazarus traveling from life to death,
The journey from death back to life
Finally returning to the grave

The picture is amazing
True, there were other known cases
Some reporting visions of God in heaven
Some remaining so very silent

Who would ask to return to life
Who would want to return to suffering?
Life does have the joys of heaven,
But it also has the torments of hell

Lazarus unlucky Lazarus
A moment of joy for the family
Months of terror afterwards
Some felt he should have stayed in the grave

Jesus called the dead to life
The Pharisees made a committee to call the living to death
item #1: The death of Lazarus
item #2: The death of Jesus

Plans by committees seem so destined to fail
The enemy choices were foolish
The weapon chosen could not succeed
The eternal cannot be ended by time

We believe the committee failed on all counts
Through resurrection, the grave was made powerless


2 comments on “Committees

  1. bindo says:

    I know this is serious but this poem made me laugh, great piece.

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