My Grandfather visited

This is not a poem, but it is sweet — and I thought I’d share with people. This morning, my grandfather came by the house. Last week, one of my dad’s cousins passed away — I cannot believe that I missed even knowing about the funeral. My grandparents stopped by on their way home from the funeral, he took a look at one of my dad’s unfinished projects, wrote down some numbers and gave some advice how to continue. A great uncle owns several houses, and has the material to complete the project… making everything easier and cheaper.

The big surprise is when he came back with a lovely gift. The chess-board my dad made long before I was born. The wood was newly sanded and finished, the squares dark and clear. It is just like it was when I played back when I played with my father as a small child. I could cry, as I really thought that my grandfather would want to keep it and remember his son — and everything I have in my life helps me remember my father. My heart is too touched to find adequate poetry.


3 comments on “My Grandfather visited

  1. bomi says:

    Your heart is too touched to find adequate poetry… I somehow can relate.

    What your grandfather did is such a selfless thing to do, it is wonderful. I could only imagine what bubbliness it brought to your heart, the memories all wrapped up in one object. You rediscovered your youth.

    • Sometimes I think I have the sweetest family in the world. Even more so when I remember how we argue (I do not think it is possible to be in a close loving relationship without meaningful fighting). It was selfless and sweet… and, before my parents were married, my father and grandfather would play. We both have memories.

  2. jorge says:

    I’ve always thought that common objects can become huge containers of memories; in a way they can physically be restored but their mystery goes beyond our understanding; in no time at all, they’re turned into revelations. And our vision widens into an understanding of ourselves and our loved ones.
    Take care…thanks for sharing

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