The blind man tries to see

Just another blind man,
Voices and touch are windows to the universe
The blind are leading the blind
Everything untouched remains unseen

Most of the pits have been marked
Warning beacons urging care
When their beeping is far off, there is relief.
Touching the fence gives a sense of safety

Most of the paths are now well marked
The rules of life explored
Warnings abound if a person accepts them
Yet, even then, some like to play at the boundaries

Perhaps one situation is different than another
Perhaps there can be an exception
Perhaps rules are not absolute
Yet, if we cross the rules we are blind!

The area beyond rules are so unexplored
Those who fell in the pit do not send back tales
There is so much death and suffering
Many of those voices are prematurely silenced

Sometimes I fear that the beacons will fall silent
Sometimes I fear someone will tear the fences down
The warning would be there still
The beacons replaced by the moans of those who fell in the pit

The mind attempts to imagine what the blind eyes cannot see
What is unseen in the darkness chills the soul

I must thank Bomi both for the specific idea and some wonderful style examples. I was attempting to do something unique for me, and I hope it works poetically.


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