Google maps.

I created a Google Map representation of my Yearly meeting’s churches and worship groups. This will give locations and contact information for churches affiliated with Mid America Yearly meeting of Friends. There are also a few editorial comments.

For neighborliness, I also listed Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting, Great Plains Yearly Meeting, and the two Iowa Yearly meetings. (“Conservative” and “United“)

For those who do not know — The term Conservative means they kept traditional language, pre-modern Theology and worship styles, it does not describe their politics. The “United” side united with the majority of American Friends and took took the fundamentalist side of the fundamentalist/modernist debate that was happening in other denominations of the time. (Those who took the modern-liberal Christianity side are not listed here — consider it personal bias). As they took part in the debate, they also started to adopt their language and styles of worship. Iowa Yearly meeting (U) is very similar to my own Yearly meeting.


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