Silent World

My world is silent
Buried so that motion stops
God sent a Sabbath

The blizzard has ended, all is clear. Where I live, there was 18 inches of snowfall, 1/2 meter for those who live outside the United states. Compared to some areas, this was light snowfall, but it was enough to even stop road crews from clearing it — only now have they started the work so that everything can move again.

Churches have canceled their worship services, Even a wedding and a funeral have been delayed do to weather. Personally, the bad weather was somewhat of a mediation break for me. I needed to stop, and think, and stay in one place so I could better understand myself and the nature of humanity — both in its good and its bad points.

While I cannot link to a comment, I can reference it on March 25 Bomi [another poet blogger, who I enjoy reading very much] observed that we all have our blind spots. I have been spending time thinking that I must accept that for myself, and that if I need forgiveness, I should be ready to forgive others. I still have so much to do and think about, but it was divine Grace that stopped the world so I could think instead of acting with only passion. [more on this on this evenings post (Midnight, GMT, 7PM Central Daylight time)– I just thought I would add an extra note… marking the weather — we are safe, only a few buildings were damaged, and so far just one death reported here]

Last year also also had unusually strong and cold storms in the early spring.


2 comments on “Silent World

  1. bomi says:

    You’re so right Michael, it is good to be aware of our (and others’) blindspots in order to accept and learn to forgive. I haven’t had a chance to meditate this weekend, although I was planning to… I think “things” just took over.

    I quite like the Haiku, I haven’t seen snow since 2003, but I can imagine it keeping everything at a stand still… great time to meditate… true.

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