Finding inspiration

Life is filled with inspiration
A man only has to open his eyes
The sound of the wind blowing
The rain beating on the window

There is the lovely smile,
The kind words that are read
The wisdom found in past ages
The wisdom found it today’s genius

There is an inspiration in hope and despair
In all things that touch the heart of a man
Even inspiration in the desire to explain a vague thought
There is inspiration in those wonderful debates between friends

The Proverb says that Iron sharpens Iron
One mind will sharpen another
Sometimes a good idea is not yet born
Another mind can help give it form

The world is full of wonder
sources of inspiration are as abundant as dust
Perhaps the problem is when we give in to fear
Courage allows us to see, feel, hear, and speak

The days are productive for the pen and the paper
The heart has remembered inspiration.

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