People and springtime

The air turns warm
The evening is bright
Bicycles run to the park
Couples walk hand in hand

The news speaks of recession
There is no hope in the media
Yet the sun knows no such language
People love, and they are loved

There is a desire to ride and enjoy the sun
To remove weeds from the potatoes
To plant Cabbage
To look at the fresh green grass

Finally there are flowers
The trees are starting to show a bit of green
The ground is no longer yellow
Life and hope run around everywhere

The human heart is stronger than fear
So many speak words of death
Words of illness
Words of suffering

All that happens is part of the cycle of life
Joy is stronger than than the word “recession”
Love is stronger than any named fear
Springtime comes no matter the pains of the winter

A bruised heart is not a heart of ice
Tears and smiles are part of an open heart
Spring comes
The heart is warm and dancing

In the morning, the eyes see joggers in the park
Life continuing as if the news is meaningless
The heart continues to warm
Today is a good day to see love


One comment on “People and springtime

  1. bomi says:

    This is such a happy poem, Michael. I think it’s important for people to know that despite this horrible economic crisis, we can choose to see life through a positive eye; that we can still find joy in small doings like bicycle rides, or the locking of hands… we shouldn’t feel like our lives are falling apart just because we can no longer afford an expensive meal.

    Love is definitely stronger than fear.

    I quite dig this! Spring is great!

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