Exploring my own thoughts

Sometimes there is a moment when silence ends
When daydreams overpower the mind
When the heart travels in three directions
The heart may be everywhere — but the body stays in its place

A long break from reading and writing
Wondering how things will go forward
Still not certain which solutions are right
If it were simple, the solution would be found in a book

Is the problem ignorance or is it opportunism?
Both are so difficult to answer
A man will accept a repeated lie as truth
Ignorance is sometimes stronger than facts

A man can travel the world
See evil and beauty from one nation to another
Hear words of love and of anger in many tongues
Things are the same from one place to another

People remain people
Good or bad, it is a fact
Sometimes this is a great comfort
Other times it suggests a foundation of sand

No man is above suspicion
The best person is no angel
Yet no person is below love
The worst of men may give everything

There is nothing to do but to love and accept
To live with humans is to learn forgiveness
I must realize that I am also man
So, even I must accept forgiveness

I must accept that there is hope that the future is bright
I must accept that I cannot always trust my own instinct
Forgiving myself when my thoughts are unworthy
Accepting that my best and worst nature sometimes touches

The daydreams continue
Love, anger, shame all mixed together
Thoughts continue.
I am a man, who is not sure of his best nature

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