Beware the ides of march!

Beware the ides of March
So says the Soothsayer
So says the dreams
So says history

Some days, everything one does is wrong
Even the right looks to be wrong
There is danger on every side
It is a day to face suffering and death

Did Julius choose right?
Warned of death, he lived life
Not willing to live in fear
Caesar wanted to face death but once

Would the cruel hand of Brutus wait another day?
Would tomorrow be better if he stayed in bed
Assassins can wait for the right moment
If a man hides, it is for life

A right choice can lead to tragedy
A wrong choice can lead to yet another heartache
It seems today that no choice is the right one
Perhaps Caesar was a wise man

Beware the ides of Mach!
The fear of the day can be fatal
One can die quickly or slowly
Today is crisis.


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