Still remembering my father

Sometimes the conscience dies
Convenient for the thief
Lies can accomplish so much
Fraud is easy for those above suspicion

Tears flow when the conscience dies
So many hopes and dreams die as well
The future becomes a little more dark
A lifetime is spent fighting the darkness

What will happen tomorrow?
What is the legacy?
Is it time to accept losses?
Is retreat acceptable?

There is a spirit of fear in the darkness
Fighting for the biggest scrap
The hireling will eat the flock
The Shepherd lays down his own life

What happens when a conscience dies?
Perhaps heaven takes and perfects all that is good
Those who fought darkness now see victory
Yet darkness continues

This is for my father, who is above all else a fair and moral man — he believed that there was a right way to do things and treat people, and he would fight for this belief. There are few in the world who would seek dragons to slay. Today, I am reminded that there still be dragons.


One comment on “Still remembering my father

  1. jorge says:

    Wonderful poem. Some truths come up to shake the sleepy; a spirit of fear roaming darkness is absolutely true, because conscience has been ripped off and the walker believes going alone, but when turning around, darkness fades away because perfect love is more powerful than fear.
    Take care…

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