Today’s tasks

Perhaps the most important of tasks is keeping friends
Wealth rots away as surely as it is taken in
Sometimes it is difficult to understand what a person treasures
If food is scare, it is worth its weight in gold

It seems that people spend life ignoring what is important
Living to destroy what someone else has produced
Even worse, the world is designed to build and destroy
To consume and harvest until there is noting left to burn

People keep calling for consumption
Speaking against the evils of conservation
Calling for the masses to continue transferring wealth
The world you see is filled with middle men

Soon it will be time to beat the soil
The soil is there to give life
Every man you see was given life from the soil
Every man will return to the dust

Life is about those we love
In the end, everything else is forgotten


One comment on “Today’s tasks

  1. Carolina Maine says:

    Hey Michael,
    I am catching up online today. Thanks for your email. I am happy you are doing well. Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed this poem because the last lines are so true. I have missed reading your blog:)

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