Speech blunder

“The notion that we should be helping people who live in rural areas avoid the costs that they impose on society … is misguided,” Katz went on, “from an efficiency point of view and an equity one.”

Michael Katz

Oddly enough I guess I can see Mr Katz’s point, rural people, farmers esp. consume a lot of nitrates, and water. The primary rural industry uses a lot of fuel for transportation, compared to the sale price. From an efficiency view, the value of what is produced is a bit close to the cost of production. Often the costs are offset by producing energy, such as oil. The worst thing of all, the production goes to support excess population that produces nothing of value, but consumes and throws away (always dumping in a rural area).

If Katz wishes to speak of the ‘costs’ that the rural people impose on society, he should boycott all rural products, and thus reduce that cost. I wonder how long an urban dweller would live without using electricity, or fuel, or food, likely long enough to gain a little clue.


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