Ghosts in the night

It seems strange that we would fear ghosts
Those voices that whisper in the night
Speaking words that are so familiar
Memories or spirits, impossible to tell

We are so shaped by relationships
The voices become part of us
Some days it is the voice of the dead
Others it is the voice of the distant living

Perhaps the voices are haunting
Perhaps the loudest voices are not always the kindest
The words of those who love us are drowned out
Perhaps first we hear the voice of the judge

Though he lives, he has become a ghost
A judge who only knows the word ‘worthless’
The words haunting dreams
A known voice that will not fall silent

Can a person escape the spirit of judgment
Can he cut off the bonds of hatred?
The voice continues to call out,
Can it ever be silenced?

The wind is so fluid
The messages she brings are so varied
One day there is hope
Another day there is doubt and anger

Many voices
many messages
Some evil
Many good

Listening to the voices
Hearing the dreams from night to night
Exchanging whispers with the wind
Almost all voices are friendly

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One comment on “Ghosts in the night

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    Yeah it does seem strange that we should fear something so insubstantial.
    However their very lack of substance means their is nothing to attack, no way to avoid them.
    In the end the unrelenting voice is something that is quite reasonable to fear.

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