I discovered a new blog. whitehouse.gov

The White house staff really is on top of things, as an early visit to the President’s website shows. At noon today, Eastern time, they are now making announcements through a RSS feed. Yes, this means that the White House now has staff bloggers representing the president. This is a good supplement to the press office. It looks like this administration will continue to increase transparency.

The site is informative, and well designed. Reading it gives a person a view of US politics — this is important, because it appears that the majority of American adults did not pay attention in civics class. The president currently is popular throughout the world — God willing that will continue, so a summary of how our government works is also helpful for those who never took Civics, or US government, or however that class was titled.

The White House is also kind enough to share the President’s political views. It is good to see views expressed by the office, publicly and openly, instead of guessed by media. This feature will be helpful in a few years for any who feel issues are important in deciding who will be president in 2013 — I admire his bravery as he includes his views on some ‘litmus test’ issues that at this time are not part of either major party platform (I imagine this will change — as the president is nominally the party leader.)

For now — I wish our President the best of luck. May God bless the president, and these United States.


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