Death by broken heart

Seems it is possible to die of a broken heart
Whether it be quick or slow
Whether literal or metaphorical
When the heart breaks, mending is difficult

Hearing Latin brings tears
The heart, so strong and yet so fragile
So many seem to see it as the seat of the soul
Yet it often the first organ to fail

Loss and mourning bring heartbreak
All of life must change
Those who survive must adapt
Those who cannot will also perish

Heartbreak can be a killer
They say that some die pining
Eating nothing, descending into illness
Not willing to face the joy of a new sunrise

Death by a broken heart can come more quickly
Without warning, without recovery
The revelation comes while hearing Latin mixed with English
No one can live when the heart is less than whole

I heard the Latin, understood ruptured and aorta
My father died of a broken heart.


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