Remember to back up.

I look at my book
I lost one half of my words
Remember: Back up!

Today, I was getting my book ready to e-mail to some friends — I had found a little time to correct a few parts of it — well, I made a PDF, and noticed that I lost over 70 pages over what it was at the end of November. Fortunately I use some software to make daily snapshots of any writing project I’m doing — in case something like this happens.

I’m not sure what I did to destroy so much of my own work, only that I did it between 9 and 10 days ago. I lost anything I did on the Voyage of Hope project in the past week — but, thats better than losing 3 weeks of rough draft.


2 comments on “Remember to back up.

  1. Angelique says:

    I still have the un-edited copy you sent me if you need it. Good luck!!!

  2. I have a newer back up than that.. but thank you for the offer. This is just one of those thoughts that come up when computers do something annoying.

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