Who links to me?

This is not poetic, but instead just a list of links. I came up with this idea after a conversation with a friend about how the internet connects people together. That conversation also inspired a poem I called “blogging” What follows is my thanks to other bloggers for sharing me with their readers, and a few links to repay their favor.

Thank you every talented poetic stranger who has commented on my blog or linked to me. I’ve noticed as my map fills that these connections really increase my readership. I’ve stood aloof, as I’ve never really tried to build links with other bloggers — this has been mostly something for myself, and for my friends who enjoy my work. I hoped others might stumble onto these poems, and take something good with them — but I never guessed the extent of the blogger community.

This is not a complete list [Blogs in my ‘links‘ page are not listed again. I personally endorse every page there, and can because I personally know something about the source.] — but here are some blogs that I know link to me :-) — Thank you all. If I have missed you, comment, and I will add your name to this list.

Bomi is a young South African poet with considerable talent and somewhat more success than I have. She left me some kind words, and was kind enough to link to my site. I recommend her work to anyone who likes exploring the range of human emotion through words.

Someone named Dennis linked to me on August 18, 2008.

Sarah Einstein keeps an interesting blog. Her style is somewhat different than mine, however there is something familiar about the feelings behind it. She is also somewhat more successful as a writer than I.

Colonel Robert Neville linked to my poem titled “A cup of Tea” He politely contacted me, and let me know he wanted to quote a portion of my poem in an essay. Even if I wished to refuse, the portion was small enough to fall into fair use, as it was fully cited. As a writer, I appreciate such courtesy.

Jorge links to me, and often comments on my poems. I regret that I cannot return the favor as his blog is in Spanish. It does appear to be a literary blog, and the writer is kind and thoughtful in his comments.

A mysterious enigma of a blogger links to me. Enigma is an anonymous published author. Personally, I would think that an author’s blog should be good publicity, but I have done nothing more ‘serious’ than freelance work, so I have no experience with agents and long term contracts.

Jingle was kind enough to name me a poet to explore. I am always amazed at how clear people write in their second language — its almost like they have studied it thoughtfully while people like me take it for granted.

Kevin Roberts, from Ohio Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends links to me. His blog is filled with theological musings, and a sense of humor.

Catsman keeps a blog with a very similar character to my own… a variety of poems, and other thoughts.


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6 thoughts on “Who links to me?”

  1. Thank you for this Michael.
    I find it incredible that you think I have more success than you do because I don’t think I’m even half as talented as you are. Once again, I thank you.

  2. I’ve never been invited to read poetry to Congress — you have written for Parliament. Like it or not, you are a nationally known poet now. Congradulations. I just write a few little things that entertain my friends :-).

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that about Bomi–that’s super.
    Thank you, Michael, for this post-it is very sweet of you:) I’m feeling a little better today.

  4. I would not say more successful… I find your writing much more accomplished than mine in many, many ways, and I think that would make any other writer call you “more successful.” Would that I were half the word-smith you are, or half the poet. But I’m touched by the compliment of some similarity in sensibility, though there are oceans between both the two of us and our styles. (I don’t imagine you’ve ever written a poem about a dog rolling ’round in a deer carcass, and I am sometimes sent to theology websites to better understand your work, which I like because we can always use a little more understanding of both language and God…)


  5. @Sarah

    You have been able to blog and give an ISBN. You have more commercial success than I by a long shot… I believe I’ve spent more on submissions than I’ve been paid for them.

    I’m glad you enjoy my poetry and it makes you think. I enjoy writing it. By success I mean simply being publicly recognized and perhaps paid. I am not really qualified to compare my talent with other people.

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