“Michael, you are noble”

Words spoken by a friend
Without money
Without fame
Without title

The words fill the mind with questions
The noble are ‘better’
They are the ones with power
How is the powerless noble?

Is there a nobility to love?
The true dream that all will be well?
If so it is a difficult nobility
Many of the internal thoughts are selfish

It is so easy to make another’s choices
To even try to make another’s livelihood
Dreaming of another’s success
Taking responsibility for what cannot be owned

Is nobility the ability to let go?
The ability to set and honor boundaries
Is building fences noble
Perhaps — but today fences are lonely

Perhaps nobility is having a big heart
Big enough to feel everything at once
Longing, pain, joy and hope
But such moments are difficult for a philosopher

The mind is full of this question of nobility
And the hope that there was truth to the complement


One comment on ““Michael, you are noble”

  1. Lucias Ray says:

    How about if I were to say you are a descent person, but not pure. Noble in your atempts at goodness?

    Philosophers argue these things to death, but they are idealists and somewhat impatient with human frailty.

    (And no I’m not the one who called him noble)

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