The Artist’s hand

Saskia’s hand

The hand of a grown child
Mind still full of playful ideas
Stained with creations substance
The creation leaves a mark on the creator

Every line is visible
The details even exaggerated
The artist becomes more visible
Seen in light of the art itself

The mark left is the divine mark
The mark of love
The mark of humility
The mark of humanity

The divine hand is seen
For it is divine nature to create
Creator leaving his mark on the creature
Creature also marking the hands of the creator

There is a kind of immortality
The soul surviving as the body changes
Yet what the hand touches survives
Sharing the artist’s nature forever

Poem is inspired by a photograph taken by Saskia Spaninks in December of 2007. Photograph is used with permission.


2 comments on “The Artist’s hand

  1. Jon Campbell says:

    Beautiful poem. Did you write it?

  2. michaeldavidjay says:

    Yes. I’m glad you liked it.

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