None shall make them afraid

Native American warriors entering a Quaker meeting for worship

“None Shall Make them Afraid” — J. Doyle Penrose

“None shall make them afraid”
Seems an affirmation of faith
Fear is such a normal reaction
Danger finds its way into the safe place

Violence without,
Violence pushing his way in
Peace seems impossible
Fear must give way to retaliation

“None shall make them afraid”
Christ has been named the prince of peace
And he conquered death for all man
Though they kill the body the soul lives

“None shall make them afraid”
The enemies are invited to be friends
To sit and listen to the divine
Those who would kill are invited to sit in peace

Time passes, and peace comes
Those who should fear, live to an old age
Memory of a peaceful moment
Fear conquered by love and by faith

The painting is by J.D. Penrose, painted in 1918, inspired by a event that happened in rural New York in 1775.

2 comments on “None shall make them afraid

  1. What a beautiful work of art and so inspirational too! I would love a print of this painting I too am an artist but not in this league! I am referring to a wonderful artwork by J.Doyle Penrose who painted “None Shall Make Them Afraid” When the Quakers met the Indians in New York in 1775. He was a Quaker himself.

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