Conquering Fear: Lessons learned from art

Michael's Wheel

Fear is a crushing reality
Crushing out all life
Leaving no room for duty
Finally crushing the very spirit

The beyond is darkness
There is often danger there
The beyond is the source of fear
The soul must conquer

The core of life is love
Love pointing in,
love pointing out
Love conquers fear

Love from the divine
Love from self
Love from family
Love from friends

This love is living and growing
All of it giving strength to the core
Giving the energy necessary to survive
Energy that conquers all

Love going in and out protects the very soul
This loving soul would be preserved
The divine gave man the power to love
The divine gave us what we need to live

Love pushes outward
It goes out with the strength of a flame
Under fear, these are crushing duties
Under love, each one its own joy

The fire of love finds a warm gentleness
The darkness touched by feathers
Fear cannot crush even the soft, fragile feathers
The whole self is protected by love

Love is stronger than any fear
And perfect love pushes away all fear

Poem inspired by the painting “Michael’s Wheel” is by Saskia Spaninks.


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