Reaction to Tao Ching #33 (The purſuit of happineſs)

There are things everyone expects theses days
Freedom of thought
The right to hold on to life and livelihood
The pursuit of happiness

Happiness means prosperity
Not always obtained, but pursued
More can always be obtained
Yet, more cannot always be enjoyed

The pursuit is exhausting
Taking away from pleasure
Taking away from satisfaction
Taking away from contentment

Sometimes peace is better than happiness
Sometimes love is better than happiness
Sometimes play is better than happiness
But, perhaps not all prosperity can be given a number

“He who knows he has enough is rich”
He who can cease to pursue
He who can enjoy what he set away
He who can recognize the value of life itself

One wonders how one can know….
Less than enough is obvious
The hungry belly cries out
The body suffers from the cold

A little money buys a little safety
Protection for the future
It is possible to hold onto tomorrows bread
Not fearing tomorrows cold….

A little more may buy a little power
Power though is expensive
With power comes dangerous games
High stakes and high energy

Seems we have the right to pursue happiness
The trick is knowing when we’ve captured it.


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